I AM, 

Self-taught artist residing in Canada: it's a master's degree in urban engineering that brings me from technical drawing to artistic creations. 

My creation reflects a dynamic Afro-urban universe in an abstract style. It is a colorful blend of African and occidental inspirations with various techniques and media. I use acrylic or oil paint, recycled materials and different fabrics. 

I love to create without limitation and letting my imagination free. It's with pleasure that I'm sharing my artwork with you.  I hope they will bring you peace and positivity. 



"Art is a living beauty"
It embraces our daily lives with love, passion and compassion

Women, Africa and the urban movement are the main topics in my artwork.

"A woman is the essence of life"
"Africa is the source of our wealth"
"The urban movement is the transfer of energy and knowledge"

"Art is endless; it must be shared around the world"

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